Making ebooks

Link to book on iBookstore

Link to book on PressBooks siteAs part of my study leave, I have been looking at creating ebooks.  So far I have used various tools including iBooks Author, the free software from Apple that lets you create books for their iBookstore, and PressBooks which is an ebook creation platform based on WordPress.

The book, The Mules are Splendid Company: One Man’s Experience in WWI Africa, is based on a series of letters that Thomas Wilson, a civil engineer from the Borders of Scotland, wrote home from East Africa during World War I while he was serving in the 3rd Battalion of the King’s African Rifles and later the Royal Engineers.  It can be read online at PressBooks or downloaded at no charge onto an iPad from the iBookstore.

The plan is to create additional  epub versions of this book that can be used on Kindles and Kobos and tablets running the Kindle and Kobo software.  I want to try creating a visual ebook directly on an iPad using the Book Creator app.


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