Scrooge Discovers Peanut Butter

Gif of Scrooge realizing that he was dreamingMy first step in this assignment was to google the title “Say it like the Peanut Butter”. What allusion to popular culture had I failed to grasp and what key piece of information was I missing? Now I know how to pronounce the word “gif”.

The assignment was to make an animated gif from your favourite/least favourite movie capturing the essence of a key scene and to ensure the movement is minimal but essential. I may have failed on the “movement is minimal” part.

I used Gifsoup which is a web-based tool to create a gif of Alastair Sim in the Christmas Carol realizing that he has had a bad dream and that he is not dead.

The following steps can be used to create your own gif using the Gifsoup website:

  1. Go to and set up a free account
  2. Enter the url of the YouTube video you would like to use
  3. Enter the start and end times of the segment you wish to use
  4. Click the “Create animated Gif” button
  5. Enter metadata – title, tags and category for your gif

Once your gif has been created you can:

  • download it in two different sizes
  • link to it by url (or a shortened url)
  • cut and paste html in your blog or web page

The free Gifsoup account is adequate for an assignment such as this; however, gifs have a maximum length of 10 seconds and there is a GifSoup watermark at the bottom of the gif.


Animated Giffing

lord_leaping_thAfter downloading GIMP and deciding that the learning curve was a little to steep, I created this animated gif using Photoshop.

Down by Law


This animated gif was made using GIFSoup.  After looking through lists of possible online and offline options and scanning various complex sets of instructions, GIFSoup looked like a good choice and was remarkably easy to use.