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Colour Between the Lines

Rewrite of a newspaper articleThe Newspaper Blackout Assignment suggests that you should “grab a marker and today’s morning edition and start blacking out sections to create a new story. It could be a poem, a picture, or a novella, all drawn from the words of the latest news”.  I decided to shake this up with a bit of colour.  The original article appeared in today’s Toronto Star “Edward Burtynsky’s bigger picture” (link will probably only work for a few days).  The result wasn’t exactly as I had envisioned.  A shorter article would have worked better as you will need to click on the image to actually read the words.


That’s a Strange-Looking Fish

Composite image of Millais's Ophelia with a catI heard of this visual assignment, Fat Cats Make Art Better today in the Google Hangout.  It sounded fun, so I looked for two CC images in Flickr and pulled them both into Photoshop.  I resized the cat image to get it closer in size to the Ophelia image.  I used the lasso tool to cut out the cat and place it on the Ophelia image and then used to clone tool to blend the cat into the foliage.

Ophelia image by deflam (BY-NC) and cat image by 2pence (BY-NC-SA)

Scrooge Discovers Peanut Butter

Gif of Scrooge realizing that he was dreamingMy first step in this assignment was to google the title “Say it like the Peanut Butter”. What allusion to popular culture had I failed to grasp and what key piece of information was I missing? Now I know how to pronounce the word “gif”.

The assignment was to make an animated gif from your favourite/least favourite movie capturing the essence of a key scene and to ensure the movement is minimal but essential. I may have failed on the “movement is minimal” part.

I used Gifsoup which is a web-based tool to create a gif of Alastair Sim in the Christmas Carol realizing that he has had a bad dream and that he is not dead.

The following steps can be used to create your own gif using the Gifsoup website:

  1. Go to gifsoup.com and set up a free account
  2. Enter the url of the YouTube video you would like to use
  3. Enter the start and end times of the segment you wish to use
  4. Click the “Create animated Gif” button
  5. Enter metadata – title, tags and category for your gif

Once your gif has been created you can:

  • download it in two different sizes
  • link to it by url (or a shortened url)
  • cut and paste html in your blog or web page

The free Gifsoup account is adequate for an assignment such as this; however, gifs have a maximum length of 10 seconds and there is a GifSoup watermark at the bottom of the gif.