Three Squealing Pigs and the Big Howling Wolf

For my story I decided to take a well fairy tale and try to tell it with just sound effects. The sound effects were all downloaded from, so some of the effects are not exactly as I envisioned.  The sounds of the pigs running away from the collapsed houses is actually the sound of a running bird and the straw house collapsing is paper debris.

I used Audacity to create the story and did so by using a very few of the program’s capabilities (primarily importing, moving, copying and pasting and trimming tracks).   I was able to copy tracks and paste them, but I wanted to find a way to copy several tracks at once.

As I didn’t read the instructions before creating my story it is twice as long as it should be.  Feel free to stop where you want as you probably know the ending.


First Foray into Radio

A radio bumper, a short advertisement for the radio station itself, sounds like an ideal first radio assignment.  I downloaded a Creative Commons instrumental track from ccmixter to use as the background, then I downloaded and installed Audacity.  With the help of some googling I was able to record my voice and pull in the instrumental track. A little more googling was needed to find out how to cut pieces out of tracks and re-align them.  I exported the result as a WAV file, only to then see that an MP3 file was required.  When I tried to export as an mp3 file I got a message about a missing LAME file.  So I found where to download the LAME files and downloaded them from a site in .ar (Argentina??), virus scanning at every step of the way.  This worked and eventually I created the mp3 file and uploaded it to SoundCloud.