Mozilla Cakepop Maker and Augmented Perry Apps

Mozilla Cakepop MakerJust like drawing something forces you to really look at it, remixing something brings a deeper understanding of the artifact and how it was created.  My remixing activity involved remixing a Popcorn project.  I had looked at creating a Popcorn project a couple of times previously, but was always thrown off by the “import video” imperative as I didn’t have a video to import. Perhaps I was trying to make cake pops with a popcorn maker.

So through remixing I have learned a bit about Popcorn Making and also about some interesting apps to try.  Here is my remix of Dr. Karin Perry’s Popcorn Project – now called Augmented Perry Apps.  Unfortunately this does not seem to be embeddable so try clicking on the image below:

Remixed Popcorn Project


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