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How to Hack eBooks in the Public Domain

As part of the Mozilla Teach the Web Project I created a Popcorn project about hacking public domain ebooks.  From that I decided to try using Haiku Deck to create a more visually compelling presentation with more information about how to actually do the hacking.  This is the result.

Presentation on How to Hack eBooks in the Public Domain

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

The Popcorn project, Hacking Public Domain eBooks for Use in the Classroom, has recently been revised.  The original version is described in this blog post.


RULA LibraryBox Takes Shape

RULA LibraryBox LogoThe Ryerson University Library and Archives LibraryBox, a self-contained, wireless digital resource-sharing device, is finally taking shape.  At present it consists of a selection of public domain ebooks (including a couple available in Canada only) and a sampling of OER textbooks made available from OpenStax College and the BC Open Textbooks Project. In addition it includes some basic information about Creative Commons licenses and a short video “Hacking Public Domain eBooks for use in the Classroom“.  As the contents of the LibraryBox are only available when you are connected wirelessly to the RULA LibraryBox, here are a few screen shots to show you what it looks like:

Screenshot of Home Screen on an iPad

Screenshot of Home Screen on an iPad


Screenshot of books page on an iPhone


Screenshot of OER page on a Nexus 7


Screenshot of remix page on a Nexus 7

LibraryBox was developed by Jason Griffey who is currently looking for funding for LibraryBox 2.0 on Kickstarter

Mozilla Cakepop Maker and Augmented Perry Apps

Mozilla Cakepop MakerJust like drawing something forces you to really look at it, remixing something brings a deeper understanding of the artifact and how it was created.  My remixing activity involved remixing a Popcorn project.  I had looked at creating a Popcorn project a couple of times previously, but was always thrown off by the “import video” imperative as I didn’t have a video to import. Perhaps I was trying to make cake pops with a popcorn maker.

So through remixing I have learned a bit about Popcorn Making and also about some interesting apps to try.  Here is my remix of Dr. Karin Perry’s Popcorn Project – now called Augmented Perry Apps.  Unfortunately this does not seem to be embeddable so try clicking on the image below:

Remixed Popcorn Project