The Story of the Commons

This fall I am taking a Creative Commons Certificate Course for Librarians.  The first assignment involves telling the story of the Creative Commons using one of a selection of tools.

I wanted to create a visually appealing presentation using a tool like Haiku Deck.  I have used it in the past and like the layout templates and easy to use Creative Commons images.  I started creating my video using this tool, but soon discovered that an upgrade to the Pro version was necessary to embed audio into the presentation.

Plan B involved using Google slides for the presentation part and then embedding invisible videos to take care of the audio with the whole lot being exported to the web.  After upgrading Audacity, installing something called ffmeg and trying to create videos from audio files then getting a Google video playback error, Plan C was invoked.

Plan C – Install Screencastify, make short videos and embed them in Google Slides. This worked somewhat, but the resulting embedded slideshow below does not play the audio automatically. If you would like to view the slide show, please advance the slides manually and click on the play arrow to hear the audio.


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