Openings – An Introduction for Adopting Open Textbooks

me_400x400Hi, I’m Sally Wilson, the Web Services Librarian at Ryerson University in Toronto.  My web presence consists of a wide range of accounts, most of which were set up as experiments. The ones I use most often for work and learning are my Twitter account, @swilson416, my Google Plus account,  and this blog.

My experience with open education has been through participation in a couple of online courses/cMoocs, Headless DS106 and ETMOOC and through some work that I did while on a study leave.  My study leave focused on ebook creation and “hacking” books in the public domain and how this could be used as a pedagogical tool.  I have also created a couple of versions of Jason Griffey’s LibraryBox, a self-contained wireless network that allows one to distribute files (could be public domain items or OER) in areas that lack Internet connectivity.

In this course I would like to learn more about what OER are available and how they are being used in higher education institutions in Canada.  Although I don’t teach courses myself, I would like to be a resource person for others in my institution who might be considering using or creating open textbooks and have a better idea of the challenges that might arise.


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