Charlie Chaplin’s Wild Kingdom

Initially I drew a blank when trying to think of a new story for the clip of Charlie Chaplin in the lion’s cage, but then it reminded me of the Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom television show which suggested some possibilities. Wild Kingdom is a wildlife adventure show from the seventies similar in ilk to the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau and Steve Irwin’s Crocodile Hunter.  It is narrated by a silver-haired Marlin Perkins who sits safely in a safari vehicle or in a television studio while his sidekick, Jim, confronts wild animals in various dangerous situations.  Over the years it has been the subject of several spoofs.

I downloaded all the DS106 Foley sound clips and YouTube videos which had Wild Kingdom theme music and John’s Denver’s Calypso song.  The audio was stripped from the YouTube videos using PwnYouTube.  To edit the music clips I used Audacity to create shorter clips and to remove the voice over parts from the Wild Kingdom music.  I used iMovie to remove the original audio from the Charlie Chaplin clip.

Screen Shot of iMovie Workspace

My iMovie Workspace

The video clip was pulled into iMovie then the Foley sounds were added.  iMovie’s title function was used to create the title slide and the credits slides.  It was also used to add the narration by Marlene Perkins.  This may sound easy, but every step of the way was accompanied by rabid googling.


One thought on “Charlie Chaplin’s Wild Kingdom

  1. I wanted to make sure I commented on this. You are the only one that did something with this assignment and I loved the end result. I did a small part of the clip just with Foley sounds and it was hard! So, I know how hard you must have worked on your 3.40 minutes!

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