DS106 Propaganda

Stop Dithering.  Get Ready to Create. Go Join DS106 Now.This assignment was to create a DS106 propaganda poster using a WWII poster as its basis.  I chose a poster I found on the Canada at War Forum and used Photoshop to remove some of the existing text and replace it with DS106 content.  I had some difficulties finding appropriate fonts, but I was able to get the text to line up with the existing wording.  I tried using the cloning stamp tool to try to blend the background and the coloured banners with the new text, but the result of doing this was much worse than having the hanging banners of colour.

Stop Waiting.  Get Ready to Beat Hitler. Enlist Now.

Original Poster


3 thoughts on “DS106 Propaganda

  1. Thanks for the kind words. I used PT SANS Narrow for the dithering and create part and Britannic Bold for the Join DS106 Now.

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