DS106 Will Open Your Eyes


Image based on “24hr open eyes” by Mo Riza (CC-BY-2.0)

Week 5 of Headless DS106 was all about telling stories in photos.  Since staring DS106 I have found that my eyes have been opened and I am now more aware of brooms that look like peacocks and the potential for found objects that can be repurposed.

Visual Assignments

Composite image of Millais's Ophelia with a catThis week we were to complete 10 stars worth of visual assignments.  I completed only two but did post about each of them.  My Colour Between the Lines post is about the Newspaper Blackout Poetry assignment and my That’s a Strange Looking Fish is my response to the Fat Cats Make Art Better assignment.

I poked around Flickr a bit and did some customizing.  I created a set which I was able to embed in my Late September PhotoBlitz post.  One thing I would like to be able to do with the iPhone Flickr app is be able to set the license information for each photo as I upload it.  I think it is possible to do this on a global level, but it would be nice to be able to do it on each upload.  Any ideas?

Daily Creates

I did only two daily creates this week, but did learn about an iPhone app called iMotionHD  which I have been testing to create a stop motion video (as called for in TDC626).

For TDC630 I took a couple of photos.  I am finding the iPhone very handy for these quick assignments as I can take the picture, tag and upload very quickly.  For the picture of the paper bags I applied the Newspaper Filter because there wasn’t much colour in the photo to begin with.

One dozen paper bags A dozen colours

Photo of a red cabbage from aboveFor the Central POV daily create (TDC627) I spent some time trying to think of something would benefit from a central focus.  I thought something circular might be appropriate, so I tried to find a circular subject with some interesting features.


One thought on “DS106 Will Open Your Eyes

  1. My favorite part of this section is reading how people start noticing details in their every day world like broom peacocks or just interesting patterns, textures, shadows, etc.

    Your Fat Cat staring is a lovely creation- I might like to know more about the original work, and your reason for choosing it, or what the image might mean to you, or some speculation about cat behavior…

    Despite this course being headless, your work is balanced!

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