That’s a Strange-Looking Fish

Composite image of Millais's Ophelia with a catI heard of this visual assignment, Fat Cats Make Art Better today in the Google Hangout.  It sounded fun, so I looked for two CC images in Flickr and pulled them both into Photoshop.  I resized the cat image to get it closer in size to the Ophelia image.  I used the lasso tool to cut out the cat and place it on the Ophelia image and then used to clone tool to blend the cat into the foliage.

Ophelia image by deflam (BY-NC) and cat image by 2pence (BY-NC-SA)


2 thoughts on “That’s a Strange-Looking Fish

  1. Love it! A rather morbid thought, but I can just see a cat watching a dead body float down a river as though it were an interesting fish. You did a great job of blending the cat into the background! It fits right in with the scenery.

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