First Foray into Radio

A radio bumper, a short advertisement for the radio station itself, sounds like an ideal first radio assignment.  I downloaded a Creative Commons instrumental track from ccmixter to use as the background, then I downloaded and installed Audacity.  With the help of some googling I was able to record my voice and pull in the instrumental track. A little more googling was needed to find out how to cut pieces out of tracks and re-align them.  I exported the result as a WAV file, only to then see that an MP3 file was required.  When I tried to export as an mp3 file I got a message about a missing LAME file.  So I found where to download the LAME files and downloaded them from a site in .ar (Argentina??), virus scanning at every step of the way.  This worked and eventually I created the mp3 file and uploaded it to SoundCloud.



3 thoughts on “First Foray into Radio

  1. Very nice! I made one bumper so far, a few months ago, and mine was quite long. I like the idea of making it short and sweet, something that can easily fit between songs and just give the essence of a message. I agree with John Johnston–“by the people” is great! It captures what ds106 radio is for me.

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