Beyond the Digital Facelift

Haiku Deck PresentationThis week, week two of the Headless DS106 Bootcamp, one of our tasks was to listen a recording of a talk that Gardner Campbell gave at OpenEd 2009, entitled “No Digital Facelifts“. Although many great ideas percolated through this presentation, I decided to focus on one small portion – what we need to do to get beyond the digital facelift in education.  At my current place of work we are looking at upgrading or replacing our LMS and, having been involved in a small way in that process, I realize how difficult it is to make significant changes in the way we “educate” students.  I like Gardner Campbell’s ideas and the promise of the “bags of gold”, but can empathize with the resistance he has encountered.  

I also read Clay Shirky’s “Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable” which provided background for Campbell’s talk and insights into the changes occurring in the realm of newspapers that are also applicable to education.  His comments about scarcity are particularly relevant.  Higher education has benefitted from being scarce and available to a privileged few; however, recent technological developments have made information much less scarce and tools and resources much more widely available.  While we may not yet have figured out the best way to deliver MOOCs and capitalize on other learning resources, we are on the way.

I chose to focus on creating a brief visual presentation based on Campbell’s Recursive Practices.  To do this I used Haiku Deck, an iPad app that allows you to create highly visual presentations using Creative Commons licensed images.

Advantages of Haiku Deck:

  • Easy to use
  • Visually appealing
  • Looks after Creative Commons attribution
  • Limited amount of text allowed

Disadvantages of Haiku Deck:

  • Only available as an iPad App (Web app coming soon apparently)
  • Image search function is basic (no advanced searches)
  • Limited amount of text allowed

Haiku Decks are embeddable in WordPress, but unfortunately only if you host your own instance of WordPress, so you will need to use a screenshot and link (as above) if you are using

Other Makes this Week

Daily Creates

TDC606 - Perspective

TDC606 – Perspective

This week I did two of the Daily Creates, the Keychain Story and the Perspective Drawing. For the perspective drawing, I drew a traditional road disappearing into a vanishing point which was not particularly original but does show some of the key elements of perspective.

I found the Keychain Story quite challenging as I did in all in one take and didn’t script anything.  It could benefit from a variety of interventions ranging from basic editing to development of a better storyline.


This week I also completed the animated gif assignment which has been written up in a separate blog post, Scrooge Discovers Peanut Butter.

Gif of Scrooge realizing that he was dreaming

Onward to week 3.

One thought on “Beyond the Digital Facelift

  1. I am also optimistic what concernes the future of education and MOOCs. We are not there yet, but a lot is happening. Experimentation everywhere. And with ds106 we are part of such an experiment. Exciting, is what i think!
    I liked the Haiku Deck picture. Gave me an idea for a headless picture I will try.
    And the gif is great!
    See you around.

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