Creating a LibraryBox

TP-Link Router and Peripherals

TP-Link Router and Peripherals

I have wanted to try creating a LibraryBox, a self-contained, wireless digital resource-sharing device for a long time now.   I finally took the plunge and ordered a TP-Link Wireless Router, the basic hardware requirement for a LibraryBox from Amazon.  It arrived yesterday, so I spent most of today setting it up.  I made slow but steady progress and managed to successfully install PirateBox, on which LibraryBox rests.  I disconnected the Ethernet cable like it said, then nothing.  No WiFi access, no SSH access, bricked.  Luckily there were some “if you can’t SSH” instructions on Jason Griffey’s LibraryBox site.  So I started over again.  This time I was much quicker despite having to work around the dire warnings about “Man in the Middle” attacks.

librarybox_logoNow I have a basic LibraryBox with a few public domain books that I can serve up to anyone with a wifi-enabled device.  Next steps – user interface design, adding some OER and some end user testing.


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