Museum in a Box – April 2013

Digital storytelling, the DS106 daily create, and content curation have led me to embark upon a project I’ll call Museum in a Box.  Because I know I will not be able to do this daily or even weekly, I’ll try for a year of monthly museum displays in a box.  Each month will have a theme and I’ll decide how to document each display as I go along.  My box is a David’s Tea Sampler pack which has 12 small clear-lidded canisters, but the box could be anything – an egg carton, one of those weekly pill reminder cases, a subdivided tin, etc.

Natural History is this month’s theme, so we have the Museum of Natural History in a Box.  Documentation of this museum is via a photograph on Flickr.

Museum of Natural History in a Box

Flickr photo by *s@lly* by-sa

Top row from the left: Hydragea flower, coral, lavender, acorns
Middle row from left: Milkweed seeds, wasp’s nest, alder catkin?, amethyst
Bottom row from left: money plant seed case, sea urchins, beech nut case, olive roll shells


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