Animated Giffing

lord_leaping_thAfter downloading GIMP and deciding that the learning curve was a little to steep, I created this animated gif using Photoshop.

Down by Law


This animated gif was made using GIFSoup.  After looking through lists of possible online and offline options and scanning various complex sets of instructions, GIFSoup looked like a good choice and was remarkably easy to use.


3 thoughts on “Animated Giffing

  1. Hi Sally,

    Catching up with #etmooc after nearly two weeks off. So glad I came back this week as I’ve always wanted to learn how to make an animated gif and this is giving me the motivation to do it. Might have to give GIMP another go. Tried using it months ago but found it too faffy and gave up with it. Your Lord-a-Leaping looks really good. Looking forward to reading your other stories next.

  2. These look great! The first one would be a wonderful story prompt for young children. They could develop a character and each day talk about the different places it’s walking/leaping to. Thanks for sharing and like you, I’m looking forward to taking a break from trying new tools and spending time reflecting on all of these new digital storytelling ideas.

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